Klub Młodzieżowy I N S T A L

Zespół Szkół Techniczno - Informatycznych w Mszanie Dolnej

With Erasmus to Turkey

6 students from ZSTI with Mr. Marcin Stożek and a graduate of our school Kamil Szura went to Turkey on September 20 to participate in an international Erasmus + project  entitled "Cultural Reflections with cheese". The project lasted from 21 to 30 September.


Course for the teachers in Madrid

Stimulating creativity through cooperative learning was the main topic of the course which was attended by the ZSTI teachers - Agnieszka Biel-Habieda and Marcin Stożek - the leaders of the Youth INSTAL Club. The organizer of the training, which was held as a part of Comenius project Teaching staff mobility, was a Bulgarian organization Phoenix 21 century.


Exchange in the Czech Republic

We’ve found our Slavic roots

A group of 27 young people from five states – Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Serbia tried to find their Slavic roots for 10 days from 8th to 18th July in Svycarna House located in Josefovska Valley in the heart of the Czech Moravia. Poland was represented by  four members of the INSTALL  YOUTH CLUB from ZSTI in Mszana Dolna: Agnieszka Skalska, Dominika Kmak, Konrad Nawara, Paweł Mysza with a leader – Agnieszka Biel-Habieda.


Exchange in Slovakia

On June 3rd we set off to Slovakia again. The visit to our southern neighbouring country lasted till June 6th. This time the main aim of our trip was visiting beautiful and old fortresses situated along the Vah River. We just wanted to learn more about the history of the region, which is related to Polish history in many cases.


International exchange

 April 11-18, 2007 „The colourful week under the old castle Tolstein

The colourful week under the old castle Tolstein was really colourful. We arrived in Prague by train from Cracow on 11th April and then it started! We met the groups from Belgium and Itally at the airport then we arrived at Jiretina and met the whole project group. Since then we knew it would be great. Our group constisted of 9 people – our teacher Mr Marcin Stożek and 8 students: Adrian, Michał, Marcin, Kuba, Mariusz, Krzysiek, Marek and Rafał.